Second lunch.

This is more a fellow teacher story than about my sprouts... I'll call it a 'tale from the teacher's room' as it happened there. I don't usually share sacred stories from the place where students dare not dwell, but this one just tickled me pink... and the teacher gave me permission.

I am not a baker, but after a friend gave me a new cookie cookbook, I've been delving into making cookies... the winters here are long and we all need to fatten up to survive the cold temperatures... I figured I needed to do my part to help out.

In any event, on this day, I had brought some cookies to share and was walking around the teacher's room using my meager sales skills trying to pawn the poor things off on the sweet ladies brave enough to eat something I'd made.

As I approached my friend Mrs. R., who bless her soul, is VERY pregnant (she's due in a few weeks), I asked her, "Would you like a cookie?"

"No, really, I can't," she replied.

She was almost done with her lunch... a tray she'd bought from the school cafeteria.

"Oh come on, you're eating for two, you know that sweet baby wants a cookie," I pleaded.

"Well, I would, but..." she hesitated.

"This is your last chance to eat to your hearts content guilt free," I reasoned.

"Well, the thing is, I ate my lunch from home during snack and this is actually my second lunch," she confessed.

"Oh," I said, tucking my cookies under my arm and walking away.


Deborah said...

My daughter is 7 1/2 months pregnant and she has several "lunches" too:) My husband made the mistake of asking her if she was sure she was only eating for two:)

Ms. Jessi said...

Oops...:) I just had my baby, so I know her (guilty) feelings. But, if you would of offered one to me, I would of gladly taken it! Because, now I don't have an excuse for eating two lunches. ;) j/k