This morning, a leprechaun must have sneaked something into my coffee (perhaps he switched my decaf with regular?)… I was in a cheeky sneaky mood and decided to play a trick on my friends from last year.

Armed with shamrock and gold confetti I took off for some first grade classrooms. Without asking, I waltzed in, before the children arrived, and spread a little Irish cheer on tables and carpets. The first grade teachers seemed amiable enough and one even emailed me later to tell me that my cheer made her students morning.

I realize standards are going up, benchmarks are getting tougher, kindergarten is becoming more like first grade, and first grade is becoming more like second, but kids still need to have fun. Kids still need to believe in magic… Kids still need leprechauns to cause a little mischief. I’m happy to play the part anytime.


Theresa Milstein said...

Your post made me smile. Especially as the kids get older, teachers forget to have fun. Standards, shmandars. It's shamrock day!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The custodian we had last year hated us for putting glitter around the room. This year she got moved to the first grade building and was so happy that the first grade team doesn't "celebrate". I was tempted to do what you did but decided not to. so sad for the first graders.

Marcia said...

Good for you! I'm sure you made a lot of kids happy!
I was at a school today where everyone wore green ... for St. Patrick's Day and the Boston Celtics... but it was so much fun to see everyone in Green.
Marcia :)

Deborah said...

The leprechaun visited our classrooms today while the children were gone and created little messes everywhere. The kindergarten class was beside themselves with shock and awe! They ran around their room trying to pick up the messes. Then one child came across a puzzle box that was ripped and shouted "Look - he even tore up our puzzle box!" The teacher mumbled where I could hear - "that was no leprechaun that did that" :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the Leprechaun came and made quite a mess! We went on a search and found a bunch of second graders with the same quest! Just for this day, reality was suspended just a little and imaginations roared! That leprechaun is bringing chocolate coins wrapped in gold tomorrow with a little note of apology!