Every year brings new revelations and growth for me as an educator. This year, I’ve learned to say ‘I love you’ back to my sprouts when they tell me they love me… which is quite often. Most of the time it’s whispered as they pull away from a hug. Other times, they come up and say it softly, just loud enough for me to hear. Then there is Luther.

A few weeks ago Luther began saying ‘I love you,’ but as he became more and comfortable his enthusiasm and volume began to increase. Today, during Quiet Time, with all the room a hush, he literally shouted, “I love you, Mr. ______, I love you! I love you! I love you!”

He was practically singing it… just like this scene from Elf.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with singing ‘I love you’ at the top of your lungs. Luther has continued to yell it for the world to hear. For the record, I don’t shout it back, but I do say it back… every time.


Deborah J Stewart said...

Hahaha! I love you too Matt! I just love it when the kids tell me they love me and I tell them the same:)

Kidlutions(tm): Solutions for Kids said...

Visiting via @TeachPreschool! What a lovely post! When I consult to Head Start and I hear this echoed in the classroom, it makes my heart smile. "I like smiling, it's my favorite!" I also recognize how magical and rare it is to have a male Kindy teacher! I've seen a few in Head Start, too...

Wendy @Kidlutions

Daycare Headquarters said...

I had a little boy in my home daycare that always called me his "Balentine" and he just stole my heart. He is now in 3rd grade and still brings me boxes of chocolates on Valentines Day. So much fun to get love from a child, we have great jobs! I liked your post, sounds like you are an amazing teacher.

Mrs. Karen said...

I love this post! :0) and I love you too Matt! ONE of my favorite moments is when a child tells me they love me. A new student started in my class on Monday. She had a fun day and told her Mom so, she also told her Mom that she loved me. Her Mom quickly called the school and told us. I thank her and then her Mom said, "you don't understand, she's NEVER said that before about a TEACHER!". I giggled, wiped the tears from eyes and went back to finish cleaning my classroom for the day. AHHH, nothing like Pre-K!

Anonymous said...

I teach in an urban setting where the kids have tough lives. I know I am making progress in their lives when my toughest boys tell me they love me. I tell them and tell them and before I know it they realize it is true and then they start repeating it back. I think some of them have never even heard those words before. They are always accompanied by a HUGE hug! Something else so many of them are lacking in their lives. I LOVE MY JOB!!!