Today, after reading Iza Trapani’s I’m a Little Teapot (we’re having a read aloud with her tomorrow via Skyle… SO cool), Mrs. D. showed the class the music she put on the last page of the book.

“If we had a musical instrument and someone knew how to play, we could play the notes to the song,” she explained.

“If we only had a piano, I could play it for you,” I added.

Everyone looked surprised. I’m no virtuoso, but I took piano lessons as a child and I can tap out notes and play a few random songs (Lean On Me is my go to song of choice).

“Well, how about this?” Mrs. D. asked.

She handed me the small children’s xylophone we use to get the class’ attention. When we play a few notes, the children stop what they’re doing, turn their voices off, and place their hands on their heads. We don’t usually play any actual songs, so this was going to be a first.

I balanced the xylophone and opened book on my lap and began tapping out the notes. This was not Carnegie Hall and I was not going to win America’s Got Talent, but when I finished the last note, the class erupted in wild applause. I was a hit.

When we finished reading Iza Trapini’s version of The Itsy Bitsy Spider and the class saw the notes, I was put in the spotlight again. Again, I was lavished with rapturous applause.

I’m contemplating going on the road with my xylophone. I hear U2 is looking for an opening act. If you asked my sprouts, I’d be a shoe in.


Deborah said...

I can play just enough piano to impress any three year old!!

Pam said...

:) I keep saying I'm going to learn how to play the guitar...hasn't happened yet! Maybe I should take up the xylophone instead!

SassyGinger said...

A read aloud via Skype? Thats brilliant? Heidi Butkus (Ms. Heidi) of HeidiSongs is actually coming to our class on Thursday but only because shes going to be in town for a conference. Im not sure whos more excited the kids or the parents!

I had a similar experience last week during our music week. I played clarinet for 11 years so I have a bit of a musical backround. I borrowed the toddler's xylophones for the week and printed out some sheet music, and colored the notes to match the xylophone. When I could play the kids thought I was BRILLIANT!