Night Worker.

This week our theme is building and construction… a favorite of mine. In addition to all the fiction stories, I bought a set of construction vehicle books last summer that I’ve been itching to read. They are amazing! My sprouts adore them and I’m even learning some of the names of parts of the vehicles I didn’t know.

Each day we usually pair a fiction and non-fiction book. They’re in the plans, but we plan quite far ahead (usually at least a week) and I often forget what is on the agenda on a given day. This morning I was running late and we had a meeting first thing, so I didn’t get a chance to look over the plans. When it was time for me to read, I turned around and grabbed the story… The Night Worker.

Go ahead… giggle… smirk… chuckle… I surely did. Luckily there were a few other grownups in the room to go along with me… really ‘The Night Worker’ – it’s just one of those funny titles.

After the reading the book (for the record, it’s about a boy who goes to work at night with his father on a construction site – NOT that kind of night worker…) I asked the class what other types of jobs might someone have to stay up all night for?

“Nurse,” said David… he would know, his mom is a nurse.

“Police Officer,” Audra offered.

“Dunkin Donuts! They’re open ALL NIGHT long!” Andy shouted.

"Firefighters," suggested Jason.

In between, I offered comments of praise… ‘Yes, some nurses and doctors are up all night long,’ ‘Sure police officers and firefighters work to keep us safe all night,’ and so on.

Finally, I called on Betsy.

“Rock stars!” She exclaimed with zeal.

“Um, yes, they do work late into the night, but I’m not sure they’re working all night long, they are… um, doing other stuff,” was all I could muster.

We moved on to making our paper construction paper hats and pretending to be in a work zone… oh, yes, I wore my hat. Who says rock stars should have all the fun?

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Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! If we do a construction unit I read Three little wolves and the big bad pig the kids really like it and I ahve fun comparing and contrasting the stories with them.