Shoe Club.

Ah Spring! With the melting of mountains of snow comes the buying of new shoes… usually with laces. As the number of sprouts requesting their shoes tied increases, I feel the need to introduce the Shoe Club. Basically a ruse to help me with all the tying, the club is quite exclusive. To gain membership a sprout must:

  1. Tie their shoes three different times on three different days. If a child isn’t wearing shoes with laces they can tie mine.
  2. Each attempt must be successful. Successful is defined by the laces staying tied. In the event of a discrepancy of success, I am the ultimate decider.

Once a sprout is in the club they receive:

  1. A badge that tells the world they’re in the Shoe Tying Club.
  2. A pair of brand new laces of their choice from our ‘Box Of Laces’ – rainbow, Dora, and Spongebob laces are the most popular.
  3. A star next to their name on the Shoe Tying Club roster so everyone knows they are a member for life… and will seek them out when if and when they need help tying shoes.

The club is always a huge hit. This year, just as last, there were four or five that already knew how to tie. After three days, they’re in. We also have a Shoe Tying Center during Center Time each day and I ask one member to be a ‘teacher’ and help others learn.

There is nothing as rewarding as seeing the smile on a child’s face when they successfully tie their first pair of shoes. I saw that look many times this week… I am one lucky guy.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny! I thought I was the only one that had a shoe club. I also have a 'IKMA'club ( I know my address). The other teachers on my team look at me crazya but hey..I'm not tying shoes anymore!