Holy Trinity.

Today, in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, we made our leprechaun ladders. These tiny ladders allow children to practice fine motor skills (cutting and sewing) and patterning. They’re made from cut out shamrocks, pieces of straw, and yarn. When they finish, we add a little sparkle (to attract the leprechauns) and then hang them around the classroom.

As most sprouts were finishing, I walked around and hung them up… I tried to spread them around the classroom and hang them high enough so the leprechauns had to jump a little (and to avoid kindergarten hands from destroying them).

Luther was almost finished and raised his hand for help. I walked over and began punching holes in his shamrocks so he could begin stringing his ladder.

“So, Mr. ________, how do the leprechauns get up to the ladders?” He asked.

“Well, they jump up… leprechauns can jump really high,” I explained.

“Oh, so how do they get from ladder to ladder… they’re kind of far from each other?” He wondered.

“Well, leprechauns are magic – so they can jump really far,” I finished.

I figured the old ‘magic’ explanation would cover me.

“Magic? You mean like Santa and God?” he asked.

“Um, yes, I suppose so… Santa, God, and leprechauns – all magic,” I agreed.

So there you have it. The Holy Trinity according to a kindergartner.

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