I forgot this funny tidbit from our one-hundredth day… Audra had brought in her collection of marbles to count. She diligently counted and recounted them with no issue. We even gave her a tray to use so they wouldn’t roll around the room.

At the end of the day, Audra raised her hand, I walked over and she showed me four loose marbles.

“Oh Audra, you better put those with your others, you don’t want to lose them,” I warned.

“No, Mr. ________, these aren’t mine…” she began.

I cut her off with, “Wait, I didn’t think anyone else brought in marbles…”

“They didn’t, someone has lost their marbles!” She exclaimed.

Not being familiar with this idiom, she didn’t get the humor in her statement, but I sure did and wanted to share the joke.

I shouted across the classroom to Mrs. D., “Mrs. D. someone has lost their marbles!”

She laughed and I repeated myself a few times for added effect.

We identified the owner of said marbles and headed home for the day.


child central station said...

I love it when children say things to make us "blown ups" chuckle.

Shar said...

The other day I was not able to read your blog post as it had been blocked (censorship). I live in the Middle East and lots of photographic, pornographic and anti Islam sites are blocked. So I was very interested to see what you had posted that was so offensive - chat about kindergarten teaching is quite risque after all (!!) After a read though I am not 100% sure, but I think it could be the marshmallows!! Nasty offensive little things that they are :)