Yesterday, as we gathered on the carpet to close our day, Connie excused herself to use the bathroom. As the group began to settle down and, in turn, quiet down, it became quite clear that Connie was giving a full out performance in the bathroom. I’ve heard sprouts humming and singing quietly to themselves in there, but this was different. She was on a stage and trying to reach the rafters.

“Shhhhh, let’s listen and enjoy her singing,” I whispered to the class.

We all sat and listened, enthralled. Connie, while unaware of her audience is totally aware of her vocal abilities. She actually has a beautiful voice and she was trying to let everyone in the school hear it.

When she finally finished her tune and emerged, the class erupted into applause. She sauntered over (I silently reminded her to wash her hands with sign language) and looked around with confusion. Why on Earth would the class be applauding her for coming out of the bathroom?

“Connie, we could all hear you singing… you have a beautiful voice, but remember to try and use the bathroom quietly,” I reminded her. During working times, those vocal outbursts could be distracting rather than entertaining.

Someday, when she’s making a million bucks in movies or music, I can say, I witnessed her first distinguished performance… in the bathroom of my classroom.


123A2Z said...

Laughing because I've had the same thing in my room.. Our bathroom has a fan that goes on with the lights and the children don't realize they can be heard. Sometimes you can see the 'light bulbs go on' in the eyes of students listening when they realize they were the ones we could hear last time.

Anonymous said...

We've had some fine vocalists in the first grade class I work in, as well. Most have been boys, and were kind of embarassed when they realized others could hear. I LOVE the way you handled it!

Pancakes For Recess said...

You guys have bathrooms in your classrooms??? Luck-yyy!