During snack time, I usually walk around the room helping open lids, rip stubborn packaging, and chatting with my sprouts about this and that. Yesterday, as I walked past Nicole’s table, I noticed her snack seemed unusual. She was eating something out of a baggie, it was small and red that almost looked like cherries, but not quite.

“Wow, Nicole, that looks healthy, are those cherries?” I asked her.

“No, they’re pomegranates,” she corrected me.

“Oh, those are yummy,” I said.

Now suffice it to say, this was an unusual snack for Nicole to bring to school. She’s never brought anything exotic before. As I walked away from her table I heard Dan question her further.

“What are pomegranates?” He wondered.

“You don’t have them…” Nicole began.

“They are from my world,” she finished.

I always thought Nicole played by her own rules, but never realized she came from an entirely different world.

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Anonymous said...

A kid in my class brought pomegranate recently, too! It was the first time I'd seen it in school.