Each morning, our morning message is a predictable text that children help build (the words are on cards) and then read to the class. They love being a part of the message and when a child hears their name read, their little face just lights up. Today at bus time, Ricky told me how he thought the message should read. (I've provided the correct words in parenthesis for you.)

Good Ricky (Morning),

Ricky is first.
Ricky is last.
Ricky is calendar helper.

Today is Ricky (day of week).
We have Ricky (special for that day).


He thought this was the funniest thing he’d ever said or heard and I had to agree it was rather hilarious. I told him I didn’t think the rest of the class would approve of such a message, but I appreciated his creativity and humor. He asked for a hug… then ‘more hugs’ and I, like the good civil servant I am, obliged.

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Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

I love this! Ricky certainly sounds self confident:) Thanks for sharing it made me chuckle!