Turkey Time!

On Friday afternoon, with two days of rain and no outside recess, we were feeling a little desperate. Five-year-olds need to move, groove, and get some of their pent up energy out. In a last ditch effort, I found Turkey Time on YouTube. On the spot, Mrs. D. and I made up a dance to go along with it.

Turkey Time, Turkey Time - make the sign for turkey (the letter Q under your chin moving down like a turkey's waddle)

On the Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble - take both hands near your mouth and open and close them like a turkey's beak gobbling

On Stop - make the sign for stop

On Jump - jump as high as you can

On Squat - do a squat... kindergarteners need to be shown how to do a proper squat!

That's pretty much it... at all other times, just boogie like a Turkey. We'll be having Turkey Time often in the next few weeks. Bring on the gravy!


Christine said...

I love it! Thanks! I was looking for a new song to do this year!

123A2Z said...

Isn't this GREAT! I found it last week and used it Friday, too. The children were singing it through out the day. Especially 'gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,gobble STOP!' LOVE Harry Kindergarten's page. ('Run Away Mr. Turkey' was cute, too.)

Beth said...

We used this last year when Pete first posted it. It was such a hit, I'm using it again this year. Our dance is a little different, but there's no avoiding it...Turkey Time just makes you wanna dance!

Janice Stearns said...

I can just see your little sprouts dancing up a storm. :) I miss Kindergarten. Your posts make me smile.
I used to have to buy all my music. It's great that there are fun resources online to get those little guys moving and loving school.
I ran into some students after they were all grown up. They remember the singing and dancing and fun of Kindergarten, and they always still hug me. :) You are making memories that will last a lifetime.