A few times a week, we are lucky enough to split our sprouts into two groups for specials. The first group we keep needs some extra help with letter identification and sounds and so we do interventions and activities to help support their needs. Today, during our time together, I was feeling a little tired.

It was nothing to do with school, it was just one of those days. I still drink my one cup of coffee each morning, but sometimes by the afternoon, I begin to drag a little. As I sat with a small group of friends looking for letters in a plate filled with puffy foam stickers, I was wondering if I should increase my daily caffeine consumption.

After completing her alphabet sticker book, Dawn, a little girl who has really struggled to catch on asked to read her book to me. I sat down beside her and she opened her book. She proceeded to say and sing the entire alphabet as she pointed to each letter, something she was never able to do before.

Like a shot of espresso, her enthusiasm woke me up. I had her read the book to Mrs. D. Mrs. D. sent another child over to read his book to me. There was a frenzy of exhilaration as we all realized some major learning was going on… light bulbs were illuminated… and I wasn’t tired anymore. I was completely conscious.

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Deborah said...

I love it - It does make a difference in motivation and how you feel when you start to learning going on see progress happening right in front of your eyes! Too cool!